Residential Electric
Facility Charge  $25.00
Each kWh         11.4 Cents

Residential Electric Off Peak
Facility Charge      $7.00
Each kWh             
Winter - First 450 11.0 Cents
Winter Remainder 6.1 Cents
Summer All           11.4 Cents

Commercial Electric
Facility Charge       $40.00
Each kWh              11.4 Cents

Commerical Electric Off Peak
Facility Charge        $22.00
Each kWh
Winter - First 450   11.4 Cents
Winter Remainder   6.1 Cents
Summer All             11.4 Cents

Minnkota Wind Sur-Charge 0.007 Cents/kWh   

Monthly Water Minimum Charge - $17.00
$4.50 per thousand gallons water

Monthly Sewer Minimum Charge - $22.00
$5.27 per thousand gallons ( sewer rate is based on number of gallons of water used each month)      

Please contact Fosston Municipal Utilities for Additional Natural Gas and Electric rates     

Above rates updated February, 2021. Rates are subject to change.