Wind Energy

The Infinity Wind Energy Project is under way.

Infinity Wind Energy is a project of Northern Municipal Power Agency's operating agent, Minnkota Power Cooperative, to bring wind-generated electricity to customers of the associated systems.  Fosston Municipal Utilities is a participant in the project.

Join with others to harvest the energy of the wind.

To date hundreds of customers across the region have made the decision to purchase blocks of wind-generated electricity through the Infinity Wind Energy project. 

Sign up today.

You have the opportunity to purchase any portion of your electrical needs from a wind-generated source.  Sign up for our Infinity Wind Energy program and for as little as $0.50 per month for each block of 100 kilowatts (which will be added to your electric bill), you can begin utilizing electricity generated by wind.

By participating in our Infinity Wind Energy program you are taking advantage of an opportunity to use a renewable energy source - the wind.