Specialty Products & Technology, Inc.

Specialty Products & Technology, Inc. is a privately owned company that has been in business since 1992. The company has three sites of operation in Minnesota: a dry and wet blend operation in  Albert Lea, company headquarters in Eden Prairie, and the drum drying facility in Fosston. The company is owned by Mr. Gary Rask of Eden Prairie and the Fosston facility is managed by Mr. Joel Manecke of Fosston.

The Fosston facility was built in 2005 and produces powdered honey and molasses products. Many customers prefer the convenience, ease of use and versatility of powdered honey and molasses versus the liquid form. Products are shipped globally and used in a variety of products. The company also does toll processing for other businesses, which has helped the company grow and remain diverse.

Locally, the company employs 17 workers and experiences a low turnover rate. For most positions no special skills are required, as new employees will receive extensive on the job training.

The future of Specialty products & Technology looks very bright as they are looking forward to an addition to the facility that will be completed by spring of 2013. This expansion will not only increase process capabilities profitability and employment opportunities; but will also provide diversity and stability to the economy of the local area.