Contact Information

City Employees

City Administrator
Cassie Heide:

Assistant City Administrator
Sarah Manecke:

Director of Public Works
Steven Lyseng: 

Chief of Police
Dustin Manecke:   

Aquatics & Recreation Director
Karen Graham: 

Accounting Clerk
Amelia Linehan:

Administrative Assistant
Dyana Dunnigan:


Jim Offerdahl:

City Council
Charlie Anderson: 435-2791

Roy Dufault: 218-435-6986
Abby Pearson: 218-435-1455
Mike Mulry: 435-2634

Economic Development
Michelle Landsverk:

City of Fosston
220 East First Street
PO Box 239

Fosston, MN  56542
Phone:  218-435-1959
Fax: 218-435-1961